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The beginning of September marked the end of the field season for the Illinois Bat Conservation Program (IBCP) as we finished work at our final, northern-most field site.  As fall begins, Illinois bat species begin to prepare for winter migration and/or hibernation and their activity patterns, habitat use, and presence […]

End of Season Update

The Illinois Bat Conservation Program is officially back into the field season! We started getting out and collecting data in May but we haven’t had a chance to get the blog updated. Our graduate student Ash, and her assistants Brooke and Abby, have been working hard catching bats across the […]

2017 Field Season Kickoff!

Over the past month, tens of thousands of bats have migrated back to their summer ranges in Illinois.   As spring temperatures increase and insect prey emerges, habitat in Illinois becomes more favorable for bats. At least six species of Illinois bats are known to migrate. Because cave-roosting bats have ready […]

Bat migration and mortality

Bats are a model organism when talking about themes surrounding this year’s Earth Day—conservation and advocacy for science in general. Why? Because bats are universal. On every continent (except Antarctica) bats make up 1,300 of the world’s mammalian species, which is a huge chunk of the earth’s biodiversity. On every […]

Bats, Earth Day, and Science Advocacy

Congratulations to Illinois Bat Conservation Program graduate student (at Eastern Illinois University), Ashleigh Cable, who has won the Plummer/HWC Research Award, which will help pay for materials needed for her thesis research. The award was established by the family of Norm and Maria Plummer, founders of HWC Laboratories, to provide […]

Ashleigh receives Plummer/HWC Research Award

We are so proud of Tara, who, late in 2016 deposited her thesis and completed her MS degree through Eastern Illinois University, advised by Jill Deppe.  Tara continues as our Bat Survey & Monitoring Coordinator through the Illinois Natural History Survey at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is […]

Tara completes graduate thesis on bat biology

On cold days like today, the bats of Illinois have to use special strategies to survive. While some bat species migrate to warmer habitats for the winter, many bats regularly hibernate in Illinois, and use this period of inactivity to survive the winter. At least six species regularly hibernate in […]

Bat Hibernation in Illinois